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WF80F5E5U4X EcoBubble Washing Machine Issue


You can try them most big companies do have them if you paid by card take your bank statement in hun that’s good enough xx

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Anyone had any luck with this? Best fix?


Same machine, same problem, same Samsung response, less than 3 years old but thought it had a 5 year warranty. Referred me to my local support centre! Very disappointing as everything we buy is Samsung, including a £1,000+ fridge with same “5 year warranty” 


Same problem - I cannot believe this known PCB is not taken seriously by Samsung   :-( 
The Washer was so expensive  

Exactly you think they would sort this problem out but they actually really don’t care in my opinion!!! And they call centre is atrocious they staff is rude! Think they know it all and never admit they at fault! I don’t understand why they haven’t pulled this product and sorted the machine out honestly I thought it would make my life easier but it made my life hell
Nope they gave me a brand new machine and I refused as I didn’t want it forget that!!! I ended up going for the LG 10kg turbo was her best choice I made by far to be far touch wood lol and I got vouchers for the rest of my money hope that helps never give up ur fight with them!!!

Same problem here. My machine stopt after 2.5 years of service. Thius is due to a design fault which Samsung is not recognizing, they ar ein denial. I have to pay 300 euro's for repair while this machine cost me 600 euro's. For me no more Samsung ever. They have to apologize and admit that hte motherboard print is bad wuality by design. They have to compensate all customers affected. The ecobubble is a misfit, a hoax, a very bad product. 

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