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Freezer not working

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Like most people I have come to this site because I have a problem.

I have a Fridge Freezer RH56J67187F only 2yrs 1momth old. Woke up this morning to a pool of water on the kitchen floor. The LCD panel displaying -18C but the freezer contents completely defrosted. Put a thermometer in the freezer and it read 17C.

Cleared out the freezer and wiped all the water. Then tried resetting the freezer temperature and using power freeze but no change after 1hour.

Noticed some ice around the vents, so cleaned that off and tried power freeze again, panel reads -23C but inside of freezer still warm and thermometer reading 17C.

Eventually turned off the whole thing at the socket. When I turned back on the LCD shows the freezer 17C. After 3 hours the LCD shows -18C, and the thermometer shows -12C.

Does anybody have a suggestion as to what caused the problem and is it likely to happen again. 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Spitzie.


We're sad to hear of your experience but without a physical inspection by an engineer are unable to comment on what might have been the cause and if it might repeat itself. It may be worth having a word with one of our Service Centres for further advice. You can find your nearest one here.

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