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Samsung Cloud does not automatically backup Secure Folder?


If I'm in error, my apologies.

I just had an interesting thing happen.  My phone was plagued with a pop up ad that would last for 30 seconds and would appear randomly.  As a last ditch effort to remove that annoyance, I reset my phone and it went relatively painlessly using the Samsung Cloud.

I did notice later that not all the items in my Secure Folder were automatically backed up.  It seems the last backup to the Samsung Cloud (from the Secure Folder) was sometime last year. 

Unless I'm mistaken, it seems we have to manually backup the Secure Folder.  Am I understanding this correctly?
My Note 9 has the Android  version 9 and the 1.0 One UI version.

Thanks, Dave Horne - The Netherlands

Superuser II
Superuser II

You right, it's probably because the Secure Folder is not active always so there is no automatic backup.


If Samsung reads these messages perhaps this is something they could consider adding to a backup.

The information I lost when resetting my phone was photos of important car documents.  I simply took photos of the documents, a mild inconvienence.

Samsung, are you listening? 

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