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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update

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My A8 is doing the same thing with my Fitbit Alta, wireless headphones and my car. I called Samsung. Guy told me it could take anywhere from a month to 2 years to fix the bug. He told me to try factory resetting phone and that MAY work.

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Thank you for this. I uninstalled the Fitbit app and restarted my phone and bluetooth worked again! Might be the solution. Unfortunate though that I can no longer have my Fitbit connected to my phone.

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Hi all 

I've just been having issues not connecting bluetooth to Fitbit charge 2 

But I've managed I put phone into aeroplane mode for a few minutes then hey presto I finally got Fitbit to connect 


Good luck ps I have tried everything else 

Cleared cache 

Reset all network connections 

Turning bluetooth on and off

Reset Fitbit 

Phone on and off 

Updates all up to date 


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Same issue. 


Samsung A8 is new.

I got my Fitbit Alta a month ago. My new phone will not sync with the fitbit OR any other bluetooth devices.  

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Has there been any progress om fixing this? I just set up my brand new Samsung A8 and it will not find any Bluetooth devices. My old phone (Huawei) finds my new phone in an instant.

The Android 9 Bluetooth Settings shows no indication that it is doing a scan, unlike my old phone on Android 7.

Turning Bluetooth off/on does not help.


I previously contacted fitbit directly as Samsung wasn't helping and bluetooth works with everything else.


They asked me to send over screenshots. I left it a while and then when I went to take screenshots it actually synced! This happened for about a week or so and now this is not working again. I went through their troubleshooting steps and this involved unpairing the device, now I cant re-connect it at all. It comes up saying they have found the device and the code, I type this in and it tries to conenct for several minutes before failing. During this my phone will give me several notifcations of 'connect to charge 2' then 'disconnected'. As my bluetooth works fine with my speakers and car, I am thinking that it is the fitbit itself or the fitbit app. 

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If I clear cache of the Blueetoth system apps, then turn Bluetooth off/on it is able to scan and find devices. When I try to pair with my Fitbit Charge 2 it fails and then searching for devices stop working.

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There was another update for samsung. Since that update, I am now able to pair with my car but still unable to connect with my fit bit.

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I managed to pair my A8 wirh my Kenwood car stereo. First attempt failed, but I got it paired on the second try. Then I got rhe option to add it to Trusted Devices. Still no luck with my Fitbit Charge 2.
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I have a Samsung Galaxy a8 which was paired up with the bluetooth in my car it was working good but now it connects but the sound is on my phone not the radio 

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