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Samsung Hacks: Multi-language keyboard



Samsung_Hack_Keyboard.pngWhether you're learning a new language or you're already a fluent speaker, switching the keyboard enables you to communicate efficiently.Please Note: Availability of this hack may be affected by your device model or OS


Samsung_Hack_Keyboard.gifWhether you're starting to learn a second language or you're an esteemed polyglot with wizard-level linguistic prowess, there are many reasons why you should enable an extra keyboard on your device.


For one, you'll get the benefit of spell check and auto correction. Think about how many times these have saved you from embarrassing mistakes in the past... now imagine how helpful they'll be for words you're still learning how to spell!


Activating the keyboard for your target language will also give you easy access to special characters and accent marks. They'll either appear as their own tiles or they'll show themselves when you hover over existing letters. It's important to get these right, because missing accents and characters can often change the pronunciation or even the entire meaning of a word.


Lastly, your default keyboard's intuitive functionalities enable it to 'learn' new words. So if you repeatedly type words from other languages on your native keyboard, over time its performance and predictive features may be affected.


Switching between languages is easy. You can also install corresponding dictionaries to quickly check translations or definitions while you're composing your messages.


Here's what you need to do: 


  1. With the device unlocked, swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings panel.
  2. Tap the Settings icon. It's the cog-like symbol on the right-hand side near the date and time.
  3. Now find General management and then Language and input.
  4. Under Keyboards, select On-screen keyboard and then Samsung Keyboard.
  5. Here you will see the languages already selected for your device (it could just be one). To add more, just tap Languages and types and then Manage input languages.
  6. Find your desired language and slide the toggle to activate.
  7. Launch an app where you want to use the language.
  8. With the keyboard displayed, simply swipe across the space bar to switch between languages. 
  9. To attach a dictionary, make sure you're using the correct keyboard. Write, highlight and tap a word and select Dictionary and follow the steps. 


If you've got a hack of your own to share, create a post and use “Samsung Hacks” in the title.

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Superuser I
Superuser I

I actually always use two languages on my Smartphone (Dutch and english). I love how easy its to switch ^-^ 

First Poster

I have been using both Samsung and SwiftKey and I am torn between the two... 

It seems the sweeping on Samsung works much smoother. But SwiftKey recognises the language so you don't need to switch all the time (I regularly use 3). Also I like that you can configure the numeric keyboard into a keypad. It would be nice if Samsung would "borrow" these features. :-)