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Issues With Firmware Update on NX1100 Camera

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Hi everyone 👋🏻

I've had my camera since 2013, old news I know, but in that time I never updated the software. Recently I’ve been using it & tried to figure out how the hell to update the firmware?! I’ve tried everything to no avail. The settings won’t let me as it’s greyed out, the software that apparently is built in & can be downloaded when connected to your computer has never appeared, so after some digging around I found  someone on here that posted a link to it which I was able to download. After I select to update it i got an error saying that it had trouble connecting? Even downloading it from the website has proven difficult as it just makes copies of the zip file. I’m at a loss. If anyone knows how to resolve the issue i’d greatly appreciate it. Cheers! 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @I_Luv_Orange 


Did you manage to get this sorted out or are you still having the issue?

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Still having issues. I managed to transfer the updated software to the SD card, but once it’s brought up onto the camera & the update has been confirmed the progress bar isn’t moving? It’s saying updating, but the bar isn’t moving?

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