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Unable to connect blu ray player to the internet

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Hi guys and gals,

I have a Samsung BD-P1620 ray player. I have connected it wirelessly to my hub.

When i run the network connection test it passes the first 3 tests but fails the last one - Internet service test.

I have tried the following...

Updated the players firmware via usb method.

Multiple reboots of hub and blu ray

Changed DNS server to manual and tried various different public servers.

Turned off hub firewall

Contacted BT (my isp) to check my hub settings and they said there is

no reason for the blu ray not to connect properly.

Checked connection speed 108 mbs (i have BT infinity fibre).


All to no avail

Any ideas?




ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Stinger2k2 


Do you receive an error message when the last test fails? If so, what does this say?

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Unfortunately there is no information on the error message to work with. It just shows a red cross next to "internet connection test".





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