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UBD-M7500 no sound

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I have a UBD-M7500 blu ray player, ive hadit since December but used it very little, only just hooked up the network connection tonight, watched netflix for a couple of hours and now  it has just totally stopped outputting sound, no matter if its playing smart features (Netflix or youtube etc) or disc. I only have it connected to the tv via HDMI cable no soundbar or extra speaker system. I've tried a different cable and different devices through the cables to the tv, so i know the tv and cable are ok, only have the problem with the ubd.

Very little troubleshooting info on these, has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi @rob81  I had an sound issue once with another Blu Ray player on Netflix and resolved it by unplugging device for one minute but if affecting discs too may not necessarily resolve it, could also try resetting sound on TV. Other troubleshooting for instance is to check Blu Ray  sound settings and cables.  Relating to Netflix      A bit of information in Blu Ray Manual though admittedly not a great deal


You may need to reset the Bd Player or use Remote Management if necessary-on page 21 of guide.

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