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UBD-K8500 - ARC from TV to Cambridge Audio TV2 v2 - No Sound from USB MKV through Samsung

(Topic created on: 09-09-2020 11:22 AM)
First Poster

Hi there, I have a Cambridge Audio TV2 V2 with an ARC HDMI port. I never used it before but The HDMI In (ARC) on my TV works an an output as well so I'm using that instead of the Optical now. I tested a DTS-HD audio track on my Blade Runner 2049 UHD and it goes through the TV2 ARC no problem so all my TV audio will now go through that. Which is something I didn't know at least so that's good.

Annoyingly I still can't get the DTS-HD out of the USB MKV I'm trying through my Samsung K8500 which suggests it's just not possible unless there are sound settings in the Samsung I'm missing. I have it set to PCM output as that's the only way I can get any audio at all from the MKV but it still only plays AC3 and not the DTS-HD audio. I do wonder if to get the most out of my UHD blu-rays if this setting should be different. I'm sorry, I just don't know much about how audio works on these devices. I have the TV set up to output ARC and set the audio to 'Auto' so presumably that will send out whatever I put in, I know from the manual that it has a built in DTS-HD decoder so that seems good to go as well. It's just getting the settings on the Samsung right I guess.


Can anyone offer me any help or advice on this?

Many thanks for reading,