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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv

I've contacted Samsung Support, and they went through the usual script of resetting etc, but to no avail. I explained, as others, that the problem is systematic, probably a s/w update, and Samsung should be solving it. The details were taken, and apparently to be passed to Samsung Product Support. Will advise further updates, but not holding my breath.


my have aggravated its problems to raising the volume to max by itself... the original problem persists. i sent it to samsung service. i bought it 1.5 years ago so no warranty. i will update next week.



I really think we need more coverage of this issue. I'm going to start posting it no Reddit and Twitter and show people they are not alone. Samsung should at least tool back the update until they have fixed the bug.

AntS Moderator

Hi guys. I can confirm that this issue is being looked into by the AV product team at our end.


Appeciate that it's not ideal, but a potential workaround for those who want to use it is using an HDMI cable for an HDMI-ARC connection until a fix is sorted.


But we'll let you know of any more news we hear on this issue.


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Thanks Ant, but I don’t believe my soundbar has an HDMI connection. Good to know that it’s now ‘official’ anyway! 


A strange thing occurred this morning.  I turned my TV on in the usual way with my cable company remote, and the sounbar powered up and connected. The only thing that I did was, last night, I powered the TV off and on several times in rapid succession.  Remember...I said that when I turned the TV on shortly after turning it off the soundbar connected as well.  It was only after being off for an extended period that the standby problem occurred.  I don't know if the system "learned" from what I did.  

Did Samsung send out a secret software update?


I'll keep you posted as to whether this was anomalous, or if the problem has been resolved.

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I’ve given up. Good to know it’s something being looked at at least. I’ve decided to go the route of using HDMI/arc. Nothing wrong with using that as the alternative, just hate not being able to use the device the way I want to. The way it was advertised. I guess I’ll just try the option again in a years time and see if it works or not. 

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Thank you for your reply and for the suggestion of going the HDMI-ARC route. I initially discounted this option thinking it meant dedicating an HDMI port only for audio. After learning more I decided to give it a go. Hopefully, it won't just stop working too.

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Not sure if it'll work long term but I was having this same issue. Just started messing around with a bunch of setting but nothing worked, until finally I went into the TV sound settings and disconnected the soundbar bluetooth and then reconnected. The soundbar now seems to power on and off with the Samsung TV remote like it did before! Good luck!

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