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Soundbar Volume no longer controlled by TV remote


Currently own a 2017 Q7 49" TV, with a HW-MS650 soundbar and a UBD9500 Bluray player hooked up via HDMI Arc. All has been fine up to now, along with 2 x wireless speakers that don't appear to give me any issues (after the initial teething connection problems).


Last night I turned the soundbar on using its own remote control, as opposed to selecting it through the TV, but I couldn't adjust the volume using the TV remote - as I normally would - having to resort to the soundbar remote instead. When using TV remote all it showed was the soundbar 'flag' on the left hand side, with no volume adjustment.


I have reset the soundbar, unplugged the HDMI lead, and reconnected, but it still will not allow me to adjust the volume.  Anyone any ideas?  

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I get the exact same issue now, and it never did this before. For me I'm on a Q7F65" and an N850 soundbar.


For me, if I open up the menu, go to sound, switch to TV speakers, wait a few seconds, then switch back to the soundbar it works again for a little while. But this issue will occur again in the future, without any sort of rhyme or reason.

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Okay so not sure if this has actually fixed the issue, but thought I'd share some steps I've taken which may help.


The way the TV controls the Soundbar is via CEC, and that signal goes on pin 13 of the cable. Internally though, pin 13 is common across all HDMI ports. This means that other devices that support CEC could be 'hijacking' the control.


I checked a couple of things. My Sky Q box had CEC enabled, so that the Sky Box could turn on the TV (which I never use). My Matrix had CEC enabled, also to control the TV (again, which I never use). My other devices don't appear to have any form of CEC. But I have read a couple of articles online that suggest issues resulting in having Apple TVs, and Android TV boxes connected. So it's worth a shot?


Since turning those two things off, it hasn't had the same issue. I can't say it's fixed for sure, will check it over time and report back.

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