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Samsung N950 connection and input switching issues

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I have two main issues with this soundbar that I cannot seems to figure out. To set the stage, I work in tech and am very savvy. There is rarely a tech problem I can't sort out including some insanely complex software architectural design.


Using Harmony remote which turns on each device and sets inputs and such.


1. After turning on, input will auto switch to Samsung TV connected to HDMI out on soundbar. PS4 connected to HDMI 1 on soundbar. TV on HDMI 4 Arc (just in case my wife can't figure out the PS4 and uses smart TV on TV. I just tried turn off anynet on TV so will see how that works.


2. This is maddening. Randomly, yet almost always in a critical part of movie or game, the video will cut out and in. In this weird cycle, you will see a screen with drone static. It will cycle black, static, maybe content, etc. Only sure bet is power cycling soundbar to fix. I have tried all sound output settings on PS4. Bitstream, PCM, dolby, dts, etc - get issue on all but some more frequently. I never had this issue with PS4 connected to TV or av receiver. Usually using Surround soundmode.


So I'm at a loss here. It seems it must be soundbar, but coming across similar issues on webs, Samsung support always blames it on source. Using good cables, no improvement if switching, etc.


Most current firmware. Only reason I haven't raised to support yet is I'm just hoping for a firmware fix, but it's been 6 months and I'm ready to escalate and raise some hell now lol


BTW, this form is maddening too. If you place cursor in a different spot to fix typo, the text box resets to top. 


Come on Samsung, let's talk about a real fix or replacement.

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I’m having the same issue with a QR80 sound bar that I just got. I have it connected to a Vizeo TV through the ARC HDMI on my TV and the sound bar. Anytime I watch TV it will randomly switch out of ARC and into for a second or two and then back to ARC where I will stay for a little while and then back to Not sure what’s going on but it is super annoying.

Same with an hw_k 960 and Samsung TV. 

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