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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


when the Soundbar is off (but plugged to the electricity), push and hold the sound control button on the remote (the one with the gearshape) for few seconds. The led display will show "On" and all the firmware will scroll.

Film it with your phone (i did it before and after the update)


Forgot to mention that if your wireless Subwoofer and Surround speakers are not synchronized, the system will show 0.0000... so you need to waste sometimes to get it synchronized in order to be able to know in which firmware they are, and then to be sure they get updated...

Thank you @emeric42.
Hello, I tried to follow this way, but I see only 150 0 , why ?
Thank you

no idea, you may not have executed the good command...

With the Soundbar turned off, when i press and hold the (Sound Control)  button on the remote for more

than 5 seconds until the speaker turns on, here is what happens (video before update)




I upgraded to 1008.0 and since actually no disconnection from the rear speakers has occurred.
For the tests performed I have been since my Xbox One X:
- Since Netflix or Amazon Video must be in dolby digital 5.1, that is to say as the source of transmission that is given on the video. If you select Atmos or even 7.1 the sound is not or badly transcribed.
- For Deezer, put in 2.1 and also in Surround soundbar, and on the back have some effect.
- For a Bluray in Atmos it works well.

For tests from TV applications this is not very good for a soundbar at this price:

- Since Youtube or TV the sound comes out only on the front and again I'm not sure that all the speakers works on the bar.

In short a good feeling in the movies on my Xbox, but too much stress and not enough explanation from samsung for it to work on all speakers and at any time.
Even it says that a content is 5.1 or higher 7.1.4, Dolby Digital+ or Dolby True HD, you may not get proper sound from your ATMOS soundbar. If you connect the soundbar to a TV via HDMI-ARC, TV's ARC port should hand the signal compressed format(Dolby bitstream) Most of TVs offer a setting menu and it's worthy to check it's not set to PCM.
In some cases(especislly Youtube), cotents only have stereo tracks and none of surround and center even it says 5.1.
Lastly, the ATMOS soundbar's HDMI and ARC ports support DD+ or higher but need to check the feature or specification about other devices and their ports.

For the Xbox no problem that it is connected directly to the soundbar, and I know that the ARC port does not pass the ATMOS for example. By cons actually I have to check the other way if in the settings of the TV I've done that.

Thank you for making me think.

You can simulate quite successfully a 5.1 surround when you set up the sound mode on Adaptative Sound. I tried it with Spotify, regular TV channel and Youtube and surprisingly it works quite well (especially with Spotify), it lets the voices on the center channel and sends instruments, music, etc... all around. Easy example with Shallow where it works very well,  both Bradley and Lady Gaga voice are screaming on the center speaker while piano and guitar are sent to the surround speaker. I am still impressed with this mode. The Surround mode looks much less natural in comparison (it is useless to me actually). However, I just found yesterday that while watching Atmos Netflix shows, you have to switch back the sound mode back to Standard for better results.

The soundbar is eARC compatible, so if your TV is also eARC you can send uncompressed audio (DTS HD, Atmos etc...) to the sound bar via HDMI. Otherwise as written above the ARC from the TV can only send regular DTS, DD+ (what does Netflix)

I have a combo LG C7 + Q90R + Plex that reads 4K remux movies from the PC through Wifi. It works great but it doesn't get the ATMOS from the DTS HD tracks in the 4K remux movies because my C7 doesn't support eARC (C9 does already I think). However, I downloaded the Amaze Atmos demo trailer in DD+ and it pass through the HDMI-ARC via Plex. The Led display of the soundbar is showing it that it is Atmos (and i also listen it :-))
I found it quite ankward from Samsung that none of their last QLED doesn't support eARC while biggest alternative LG's Oled already does.

Anyway give a try to the adpatative mode when you are on youtube, you may be surprised


It's been one week since i have updated the speakers (1007.9 / 0136) and not even one disconnection :-)


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