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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

2.0 content gets played as 2.1 on “standard” mode. Try playing spotify on “surround” mode.

Just came home from work and 1008 still works like a charm!


You are indeed correct change from standard to surround and I can confirm this is now fully working and the sound is epic


@VP01 wrote:

Ok so, the update does indeed fix the rear speaker issue when your watching sky for example via HDMI however if you go to spotify and connect via wifi and play a song the rear speakers will not work. 


Also tried youtube via mobile and via amazon firestick no sound out the rear speakers again.


So a bit of good and bad news. Can others who say it is working now check if it does via spotify, youtube, mobile device etc.

I don't experience any of those issues after the update. Spotify Connect works. Amazon Fire Stick 4K works fine, great on fact. YouTube native app on Q90 TV works. 


@PauluzNL wrote:
2.0 content gets played as 2.1 on “standard” mode. Try playing spotify on “surround” mode.

That's what I did too. I failed to mention this in my reply earlier to another member. 


YouTube and spotify are 2 channel aren't they ?


I also live in the netherland, after the 1007.9 update my soundbar works the way it should. No more connection loss with the rear speakers. 

:-) I didn't even try to test this version. Went straight to 1008 after 1007.9 was done.
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I just hit the same problem and send my Q90R today back to Samsung to get a "new" one...

I am really exited to see if the "new" one works better...


I also had to disconnect one of my rear satellites, in my case the right one.

But after I did this the Q90R works perfekt with every input: XBox One X Dolby Atmos; Netflix; TV; WiFi Spotify Connection; switch in between those modes... Everything was fine, just the start of the Soundbar is not acceptable for me, not for a top product!!!





Turned it on this morning and still going strong and working as designed!!! Updated software via USB shows on SmartThings too  



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