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HW-MS650 Soundbar has a mind of its own

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I have had the above soundbar for about a month now.  For the first two weeks it behaved impeccably but has recently started to behave like a troublesome teenager.  I normally listen in HDMI ARC mode as I find that audio sync isn't quite so good in Bluetooth mode, and Optical doesn't give me quite the same functionality.


Now I find that the volume is slowly getting lower and lower.  Originally about 14-15 was quite acceptable now it needs 20 or higher just to be adequate.


The soundbar displays erratic behaviour without any user input whatsoever, things like Muting itself, Powering Off, Changing the source from HDMI ARC to Optical.  When changing TV sources the volume occasionally increases dramatically without enbcouragement then drops back again, or the soundbar will change source again.


The retailer won't replace it until a Samsung engineer has attended and deemed it to be faulty, but the problem is intermittent and may not put in appearance for an hour or two.  Now waiting for Samsung to arrange an engineer.


Really bizarre but has anyone here experienced even vaguely similar issues?  When it's working I like it, but seriously considering asking for  a refund and buying a different make,

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