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Samsung Dex related issues

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Quick info about my setup: Samsung S9+, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, WiFi, Dex Pad. 


Here goes. 

- The USB in the Dex Pad is too short and I am unable to connect the phone when there is a cover on. 


I use this at work so one of the applications I use a lot is Citrix Receiver.

- Copy and paste between apps don't work, this really really really sucks.

- There is something wrong with the Internet stability. The latency monitor in Citrix sometimes shows latency up towards 5000 ms. And it's not Citrix. When I minimize the Citrix Receiver app and try to use Internet Explorer from the phone desktop it is very slow as well. 

- There seems to be a bandwidth limitation on Dex. On Dex, the connection is often limited to 3 Mbps when the available bandwidth is 100 Mbps. 


- Sometimes when I press backspace on my keyboard inside an app, it doesn't work. (was not a problem before last update) 


- "Phone mode". I wish I could revert that update. 


Unfortunately, because of the latency issues, I am currently unable to use Dex at all. If I have 3Mbps, it's a good connection. More often than not it falls down under 500 kbps and gives 4-6 000 ms latency. I experience the same whether I use WiFi and cabled internet. 


The problems can not be reproduced on a computer or just on the phone without Dex. Thus the subject is Dex related issues. Please help  


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