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Workouts on phone but not on watch


How is it possible that in 2020 I cannot use my piece of garbage gear S3 to monitor rope jumping activities? The process to monitor it from the phone is tedious and unreliable, as it won't obviously monitor heart rate or movement, so it is basically useless, and it is just stupid to have to put my jump rope down, go to my phone, unlock it and stop the activity evry single time i need to take a break (which happens a lot for example in Tabata workouts), the watch is just as useful as a paperweight and it costed me 300 euros, I'm just disappointed in Samsung


There is also a lot of other activities that are not available on the smartwatch, and a ton of useless ones that are available, so it doesnt make any sense that rope jumping is not available. It is a very basic exercise that I found vital during self isolation and not being able to reliably  monitor it is frustrating to say the least.


Apple watches have it, xiaomi's smart band also has it( and costs a fraction), i just don't see why the Samsung ones don't. 


I don't even pretend to have it working on my watch as a standalone, I would be happy to be able to start it from my phone and use the whatch as a remote to pause it and of course as a freaking heart rate monitor.

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feel the same about kayaking!

They need to add jump rope to the watch.  There are so many BS workouts on the watch and not Jump Rope?!

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