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Why is there a big difference between calories burned using Samsung Galaxy watch active and Samsung health app on phone?

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Hi guys,


Im new here and looking for a bit of help.


Had my samsung Galaxy watch active for a week now and really like it.

Only problem i have with it is when i recorded a 6k 36 minute run using my watch (leaving phone at home) it said i burned 287kcal.

When i recorded a 3k 17 minute run without taking my watch and using the Samsung health app on my phone it said i burned 275kcal.


Big difference right?


Also i went for a 42 minute 2k walk to the swing park with the kids (recorded on watch and phone in pocket) it said i burned 294kcal. 


I dont understand how i can burn more calories walking and pushing my kids on a swing than i can doing a 36 minute 6k run.


Anyone able to explain please?



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