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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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trying to understand why Samsung provide a service like global step challenge and then allow cheats to dominate the board every month.. it's not rocket science that if someone dies 200000 steps a day they are cheating or if on average they have done 2 steps a second , every second eithout sleep since the challenge opened they are cheating. why don't Samsung care about this and stop it ? it puts a lot of people off using the service

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the top people do 30 steps per second , every second night and day 24/7 

To be best I have found is If you hit the name on the players list you can go to thier profile. Hit thier name from the pop up box, and you can make them a friend. I have not learned if there is any way to have any contact other then that. You can see thier progress and compare it to yours. I'd love to have more contact if anyone else knows more.


*****. Walked round the world today. 40,000,000,000 steps. Left the phone charginh at home. Bit disappointed.

Godh, I hate when that happens!

I calculated the number of steps the top user was taking each day to how many steps I have to take to walk roughly a mile. For me it takes about 2,100 steps to go a mile. If I were walking at the same rate as the top user I'd have to walk over 90 miles a day. Impossible. 


With that being said I don't really care. I walk anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 steps a month depending on the time of year. Don't walk as much in the cold winter months. 

@Nially: 48479 steps - nearly a Marathon-distance - cool!

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This is my story, I started to use this app about 20 days ago. I never thought that there would be cheaters in the app.  I was really exited about using it because I thought that I had a chance to be in the top 10 at least because I knew I was going tk travel to Greece for 10 days at which I was going to walk for many hours straight which I did. I ended up walking for 6 to 8 hours straight nonstop and my record of steps in one day is

30,000 steps. I felt really proud about myself because abp ut 8 days before the competition ended, I already had the 200,000 steps done. But I was nowhere near the top 10 and today, 3 days away and back home, I have 268 000 steps total and I am going down on the list. Your comment was in 2017 and I am now in 2018 doing my best. And the top 1 has almost 4 million steps. I am not a person that does a lot of exercice so at first I thought that I was just too weak and/or I am nothing co.pared to other people. But I started to make calculations like you and I realized that there was no way to possibly get those many steps so tbey must be cheating. I don't know why Samsung allows that to happen but as long as there is evidence of my own record in the app, I'll always be satisfied. I know what I did and I suffered a lot of pain walking, right know I can't feel my right toe due to all the walking. I am proud of myself, if they want to have their names at the top of the list, they can but I will use the app and I will literally forget that they are even on the least. They can cheat a machine but they can't cheat a human and if they care about recognition, they got it but for being cheaters because know one believes them. 

First, congratulations on your walking.   I have done close to 400000 steps in a month and I know how that feels.   Both exhilarating and tired feet.   I, due to house and dog sittingfor a friend, have fallen way off my normal pace this month.  But, the feet are healing and I'm looking forward to next month.   Pick a few friends who typically walk in your range of steps/mo and challenge them to a burst challenge  ... It's fun and at least u both benefit from the actual exercise.

Keep up the good work and improve your health, cheaters cheat,, haters hate, and egomaniacs need to see their name in lights.   I prefer to be honest,  love people  and stay true to myself  

so boring to see so many cheaters. As others, I'm constantly in 3% from all users but in challenge my rank is 95000. :)) what a jokeScreenshot_20180430-000219_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20180430-000212_Samsung Health.jpg


Congrats to Blackcat!
The winner is...



3.607.628 steps in 30 days = 5.010 steps EVERY HOUR, 24 hours a day. No sleep, no brake...
Dear Samsung-Staff: You have no idea against cheaters?

@ss7 wrote:

Today is the first day of the Global Challange for Feb. I just checked the rankings and one chap Mehmet Turkeyy already has, as of today 170000 steps. Hats off to him...he's really a funny guy

Screenshot_20180501-093902_Samsung Health.jpg


Same a-hole at it again. ~100 000 steps in about 9 hours. Who does he think he is kidding

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