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What's the best Samsung smartwatch for me?

(Topic created on: 12-01-2021 11:46 AM)

As you can tell from the title, I am looking to get a Smartwatch. I really like the look of the Samsung ones, but there seem to be so many different variations and it's hard to weigh up what the differences are between them so I was hoping someone could advise.


The main thing I want from a smartwatch is to track things like my walking (as I go for a lot of walks) - up till recently, I always used an app for that that I'd start on my phone manually, Endomondo, which has now been discontinued and replaced with MapMyRun/MapMyWalk - are these apps compatible with Samsung Smartwatches? Also, will a smartwatch track me all the time with my walking etc (which would be ideal) or do I have to start some sort of tracking manually when I go for a walk, similar to what I used to do with Endomondo? 


Another thing is are all Samsung watches able to work without constantly being tethered to the phone, and draining phone battery? My only experience of ever having a smartwatch up till now is 8-9 years ago when I had the original Sony Smartwatch with my Xperia S phone, but the watch itself was absolutely useless without the phone as it always had to be connected via Bluetooth. I'd like a smartwatch that I could even potentially wear without taking my phone out and it'd still track all my walking, steps, distance covered, etc - is this possible?


I think they're the main things I can think of wanting from a watch, I'm not overly bothered about it having speakers etc, it'd just be nice to have one with the features above and with a nice high quality display. 


Any advice would be appreciated.


Hey @alex_ncfc ,


I am really happy to hear that you are interested in getting one of our watches. I know that it may be difficult to choose a device as all our watches are great! If you'd like you can use our comparison tool, found here: to find the main differences between them so you can choose the most suitable.


Are you planning to connect this to a Samsung phone, if so, which one? 

Thank you for getting back to me. I will have a look at the comparison tool.

And yes I have the Galaxy S20 phone, but I am not very happy with the battery life on it and my main concern is that if I get a smartwatch, it will drain the battery even more if it has to be tethered to the phone all the time, although I'm not sure if this is the case with modern smartwatches?

I got myself the galaxy watch 3 titanium aweek ago and my mobile is the S20, the wearable app on average is using between 4-5% battery on a daily basis, haven't noticed any battery drain to be fair