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Using FDN and limiting incoming calls to Known contacts via eSIM on Active 2 Watch?

(Topic created on: 08-05-2021 11:17 PM)
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FDN = Fixed Dialing Number, (A SIM feature where outgoing calls are limited to specific numbers....)

I have a 'Galaxy Active 2 LTE' I am exploring the options while working with an eSIM for the first time...!

I want the watch to be stand alone with its own number (voice & data), so not tied to a handset. But I except that a handset is required for setup and maintenance.

So my first issue is with establishing if FDN is supported by eSIM's. My carrier (Telkom) here in Germany has so far stated after a lot of prodding that they don't support FDN. I have a classic SIM from O2 in Germany which does support FDN and they stated that their eSIM would support FDN. But alas I can't get a prepaid eSIM with, currently they only supply eSIM's on term contract. The next stumbling block is that I can find no support for setting FDN within the Active 2 User interface and so far I have found no GSM codes to support setup of FDN.... 

Now for the 2nd half.... I have also been exploreing options to restrict incoming calls i.e. to known contacts? Now I thought I had found an option within the Active 2 user interface to limit incoming calls to known contacts but since I've done a factory reset I can no longer find the option....!

The other issue I'm having, is with extra SPAM contacts being imported when I install the eSIM..! Since I want to operate with only 2 or 3 contacts on the watch it's quite intrusive when you are suddenly presened with a 20 extra contacts such as the Telecom carrier helpline, car breakdwn service provider etc etc. I would not have mentioned it but so far I haven't found a way to delete these contacts? So far I have only been able to edit and delete contacs that I have created myself on the phone.

I would love to hear from anyone who has looked into these issues as well?