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Tracking steps hourly?

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Hi, I just bought a Active 2 watch, which I am liking a lot.  The Samsung Health app is a bit trickier though.  Coming from a Fitbit watch, one of the features I liked was the ability to keep track of steps hourly and set an hourly activity goal based on steps.  I haven't found that feature in Samsung Health and I'm about convinced it doesn't exist, but then again I've been having trouble finding lots of features with the Samsung app so maybe I overlooked it.  I have set the activity tracker for the schedule I want, but I have no idea what it considers activity.  Don't think it's steps.


So, basically I just want to know if Samsung Health tracks how many steps per hour, or just total steps?



@Richj44: If you open the Samsung Health app on your Galaxy Watch Active 2, swipe up or down and select the Step Tracker screen. To set a step target, swipe up or down on the Step Tracker screen to access the Settings > Step Target > Tap the input field and rotate the bezel to set the target > Done. 


To view your daily activity by hour, open the S health app and swipe up or down to access the Activity Tracker, or swipe left or right on the watch screen and select 'Daily Activity'. From here you can select 'Move Hourly' to check how long you were active by hour throughout the day. I hope this helps. 

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