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The Galaxy Fit (SM-R370) needs some work

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I got a Galaxy Fit to replace my defective Pebble Steel, and honestly it feels like a huge downgrade, I'm seriously considering returning it. The band is really nice and I like the fitness features, but the rest is lacking. I decided to buy this instead of a Mi Band 4 because the UI is better (the Mi Band's text looks really bad), but I'm kinda regretting this choice. The good thing is that it's stuff that can be fixed with software updates, so I'll point out what needs to be added/changed:

- Watchface personalization. This is the biggest missing feature. Release an SDK, or at least let us edit the colors of the existing watchface, it's almost a basic right. It's a color OLED screen, this is not the Galaxy Fit e, let us enjoy it

- Notification dismissal on phone. When you receive a notification, excluding quick replies, you can either open the app on the phone or dismiss it on the band. On the notification page, you can only dismiss all the notifications. You should add a button to dismiss the notifications singularly and on the phone

- Music control widget. I use Poweramp and I get no music control on the band

- Always-on display. Give the user the chance to leave the screen on all the time, maybe at the lowest brightness setting, and make it brighter with the wrist gesture

- Wrist gesture improvement. My band's display doesn't always turn on when I raise my wrist. Add an option to recognize every kind of wrist shake, not just a raise


An RTOS may not be as flexible as Tizen, but this is doable stuff. I'll keep my Fit for at least another week, I hope to see an update before I decide to return it

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