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Smartwatch and Strava show different run durations

(Topic created on: 28-07-2019 05:13 PM)

Hi- I have an issue with my Smartwatch 42mm, and the data transferred into Strava for my runs. It affects all my runs, but I've given some details following about my latest run, a run just a bit longer than 2 miles. The distance is the same in Strava and Samsung Health, but the duration is less in Strava so it looks like I'm faster in Strava...! I think others have had it too and just wonder if there is a way to make it better?


This is consistent across all runs, not just this (shortish) one.


I've exported the GPX file from Samsung Health. When I look at it, I can see some issues...


Start of GPX file:


End of GPX file:


The first and last GPX coordinates are logged 17min 54 seconds apart (which Strava uses as the run duration). But at the end of the GPX file the duration is logged as 18mins and 4 seconds (dividing the 1084320 by 1000 then by 60).


There was a change to the SmartWatch software/interface a while back. Previously, starting a run was a two step process - when starting a run you could wait to get the GPS lock BEFORE starting the timer for the actual run. Now, as soon as you tell it you want to run, it starts a 3-2-1 countdown and then starts the timer for the run straight away. The problem, I think is maybe that the watch still hasn't got a GPS lock and so it doesn't start logging the first few seconds until the lock is achieved.


But saying that, I'm pretty sure I had the issue BEFORE this software update, so there is still maybe an issue with how it is logging the GPX data that it shares into Strava. And on some other runs of this same course, the difference in time is larger, such as 1min and 20 seconds - so I don't think it could be the GPS lock causing it?


Is there a way to force the watch to wait for a GPS lock before it starts the timer?


So if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it.