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Smarthings notification causing problems


A slight annoyance which i hope can be fixed.

Before i start, i have a Samsung Galaxy s8+ and a gear sport.

If you play some music on the phone (whether that be Google music, Samsung music or any other music app) the notification bar contains the music 'widget' (I am referring to what is visible when the notification bar is pulled down, it contains the play / pause / skip buttons etc).
What also appears in the notification drop down is the smart things 'widget'.
This displays connected devices.

In certain situations, the smart things widget loads slower than all the other notifications.
This causes a problem that you go to press on one notification, then the smart things widget loads and moves all the notifications down one. By the time you press on the notification you want - they have all moved places so you press on the wrong notification. Which can sometimes be the play button of the music widget.

So for example...
I'm at work and get a message. Swipe down the notification bar to press on the message. Go to press on the message notification and then the smart things widget loads. By the time my finger hits the screen, all the notifications have moved down one and i end up playing music instead (very embarrasing).

By the way, I am aware you can remove the constant smart things widget via the smart things app.
But i do want the widget there...just not to have to load up.

Other apps manage to remain in the notification bar without loading up every time you swipe down.


My theory would be that the smart things application is taken out of memory when the phone is in standby. Then when you start using the phone and pull down the notification bar, it has to load up again.

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