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Should I upgrade to buds pro?

(Topic created on: 22-06-2021 09:38 AM)
So I've had the original buds since 2019, I enjoy it but I am contemplating going for the buds pro but I'm just not sure if I'm getting a tangible upgrade, longer battery life yes but I'm not sure about sound I've never thought mine sounded bad. What I need someone to tell me for real is of the microphone works better because that's the only really weakness of the original buds I've always felt. If you have the buds pro do you feel it has a good mic? Anyone who has these 2 device what can you tell me about your experience?
Basically the buds Pro are better in every aspect. I upgraded mainly for the microphone as well as I call alot on them and I can confirm that the microphone is much better I have had no complaints from people on the phone. The sound is also better you get a bit more bass and clarity although sound on the original buds is still very good. They are water resistant which is always a bonus. Only bad point is the fit of the buds Pro are very subjective. They fit me fine but other people have complained that they don't fit whatever tips they put in. This can be sorted by purchasing different tips. My advice is if you haven't had any problems in the past with headphones you will probably be OK. I also has itchy ears but I can not confirm if its the buds Pro as I have to factor in the use of my hot tub and the summer weather as when I got them in February they did not itch but again its just a possibility.
I will also add that the noise cancelling and ambient mode which let's sound through is also very good
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I am not a really up to date audio person.  My fav buds-type device were my old LG TONE 700(? or 720?) so that gives an idea of where my comments are coming from.

I can say the audio is just OK.  My opinion is they have volume issues in terms of higher volumes when needed.  This might be some setting I have in the very, ahem, frugally featured Android app.  The app is quite anemic but, meh I suppose it works well enough.  Also I've yet to have trouble hearing very clearly in any place no matter the ambient noise.

The ANC works fine and does allow just a bit, a very tiny subset of noise through.  It's just the right sort of ambient that might help you realize that bus is about to run you down, finally. 

Not being an audiophile I'm pretty content listening yo music from my Win10 Surface Book 3 using it's ATMOS setting to add more depth.  The Android app lacks anything you can call equalizer settings and Android 11 has marginal abilities in that area.  So audio in Android can be in that 'good enough' category which is fine for a person like me 90% of the time.

My two negatives are same as a large percentage of Buds Pro users.  The battery life is very disappointing.  I don't care what Samsung says but even with ANC off I get 5hrs or so constant listening for music or movies.  With ANC on I just tonight got about 4hrs at most before hearing the 10% warning chime.  I flat don't give two squirt about the case charging as that doesn't help in the middle of whatever you are doing they ***** out when you need them most.  It's 2021 and we should be able to reasonably expect 10-12hrs with ANC.

Fitment is flat dismal.  Buying additional tips is a typically arrogant Appl...errr...Samsung move to treat customers not built to Asian sizes like dirty unrefined gutter creatures with no ability to know what 'good' is... yes I not a big fan despite some great products.

Fitment here is a function of the physical design of these buds.  All brands can have issues staying in place as that's a fact of life with buds but the Buds Pro take it to an exceptional level of corporate arrogance in shoving a clearly jot quite finished product on us peons. 

I have not bothered to rely on the case for charging to keep me running. I have tested and no chance you'll get 28hrs using it.  Not when the most I can get sans ANC is 5-6hrs.  That works out to a max of 18hrs not using whatever short-bus math Samsung seems to prefer.

Still over-all I like them as well as any other buds I've owned.  There are far too many rough edges for a flagship level set of buds.  You just have to either be stuck with them as the return window closed or you can learn to live with those rough edges.

The big reason I like them is the phone audio use is exceptional.  Not a single person has ever suspected I was not in a landline let alone wireless ear buds.  They are simply the best I've ever used for phone/microphone needs.

oh, last I do struggle with touches.  I have man fingers not those of a small child. So there can be frustrations when putting them in place or, worse yet,  needing to adjust one or both during a call. 

So for phone use these are fantastic.