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Samsung watch 3 Zwift connectivity

(Topic created on: 27/01/21 07:40)
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I bought my Samsung watch primarily for using with Strava - I was quickly let down with this as it initially worked, but now I have to record my rides through Samsung Health. 

Anyway, that aside I have been using Zwift for the last few months. Yet again though I find myself massively let down by Samsung. Having researched how to connect my watch to use as a heart rate monitor I found that I had to download an app from the wearable store for £4.13. It's bad enough that Samsung can't build this into an update themselves, but I tried umpteen times to install it and it won't install. I contacted the app creator/seller who replied in broken English that the problem was with the Samsung Store. So yet again I am let down.

Zwift had millions of subscribers across the world - how can Samsung not be able to resolve a simple connectivity issue? 

I am going to write an article about this and send it to every running and cycling forum, magazine and website to expose Samsung as a brand not to bother with as a fitness tracker. I have tried to contact Samsung but have not had a response. Let's see how some bad publicity impacts. 


hello @ColD0191 ,

I am sorry to hear that, but I do not understand your issue. Watch 3 can be used as a heart rate monitor during exercise without any additional app. You click on Samsung Health app, and then find and start a workout, you can choose there from many many workouts, or just hit other workout. After the workout is finished you can see the whole heart rate graph on your watch and also on mobile. And also if you want to always measure your heart rate, like all the time, you can enable it in settings. I do not know if I am getting your issue right, so you can write to me, and clarify or specify the issue. I am also attaching screenshots from Samsung Health app and watch, so you can see the graphs and my HR (PS: my apps are in Slovak language, sorry about that)



Screenshot_20210128-135836_Samsung Health.jpg