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samsung S7 oreo update issues

(Topic created on: 01-05-2018 06:10 PM)


I downloaded the new update this morning and started the install on my galazy S7 it is now 9 HOURS LATER and it is still installing !! whats going on with this thing my phone is now useless can't do anything with it !!!



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What is the latest update for these issues? Is it fixed, is there a new update, or is there going to be one? I am stuck with a new S7 edge. Got it as a gift, but after reading the posts very afraid to even unbox it. Sooner or later will have to update the phone once i start using it. Please inform whether there is any final update to these issues!!


Thanks from Bangladesh

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Samsung after sales are a total waste of time and space......My S7 was working perfectly fine until the Oreo update.....I downloaded as normal but when the phone tried to reboot it got stuck on the logo screen and that was it after 10 minutes I realised something was wrong but the phone would not respond to any combination of buttons and would not turn off !! 

Eventually the battery went flat so turned off I contacted Samsung who sent a courier to pick the phone up all good so far however a few days later the Samsung service centre sent an email stating the phone needed a new battery and internal charger and motherboard quoting £415 to repair !! 

I contacted Samsung customer service and told them before their update the phone was working perfectly so how can it now cost £415 to repair ??

They weren't interested and stood by their repair centre's quote.......I got the phone sent back and read online if I pressed volume down with the home button and on/off button and this was the bit I didn't know 'with' the phone plugged in it will turn off so I charged it up the logo came back on and stayed there as before but I then tried the above and the phone did shut down it then rebooted and started up again this time everything worked as before ???? No £415 spent !!!!

I phoned Samsung customer service as f their Service centre and have them a piece of my mind !!! Never again will I trust Samsung !! Always go online first and find people on forums who know about Samsung phones not Samsung or their Service centres who just want to rip you off !!!!!!