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Samsung Health hiking activity shows wrong distance

(Topic created on: 29-09-2023 09:05 PM)
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The Samsung Health app shows wrong distance for my hiking activity. I use the new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with my Galaxy S21 5G.

While the trace on the map looks reasonably fine, the measured distance is absolute nonsense. 

Please check out the screenshot below, where the app claims the distance walked was 4.91km. I know for sure that the actual distance is around 6.7km (btw my wife's Watch6 measured it correctly).

Screenshot_20230929_215532_Samsung Health.jpg

But what I absolutely do not understand is this thing: if I export the workout route via the Share route as GPX file and I open the route GPX file in different map application ( or Locus maps), the route distance is actually 6.7km:


It looks that for some reason the Health app works with accurate and correct data but wrongly calculates the distance or cuts off some parts of it, which is truly inconvenient.