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Sam, I am feeling very lonely 😭

(Topic created on: 05-10-2022 12:11 PM)
I am not considering a divorce as our marriage is only in the 3rd week but genuinely I feel very lonely

With Apple, it has an absolutely useless in-built activity and Strength Training (particularly) facility, yet the gap is never seen because of the loooong line of high quality 3rd party Pro apps are supporting the watch

I was with Garmin and it has absolutely not a single 3rd party app other than watch faces, but the Built in app is, really really good and covering everything, including user can design his/her own workouts and send to the watch

Then comes Samsung, from Health and fitness point of view, practically not single High quality 3rd party developer is supporting the watch directly, and the in built Health and app is absolutely a joke, imagine a Strength Training app that does Deadlift but can't add the weight, if do you Push-ups one can't add the number of Push-ups, if you are into running none of the big boys (Nike/Adidas etc) supporting it and the built in app can't even set a up monthly running targets.

So Samsung needs to pull up the underpants and cover the nudity and support customers like myself