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Right Galaxy Bud not connecting

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So I was using my Galaxy earbuds yesterday my right one was dead but I just kept it in my ear and was using the left when left one was about to die I put them in charge after 15 mins I tried connecting them and the right one was not connecting for some reason I checked for solution on here and doesn't seem to work any help in anyway would be appreciated


hi @Shah02 


try cleaning the buds


put the buds on case then re-open after 10-15 seconds


try to unpair and re-pair to phone


if using android phone, check for new software updates of Wearables app 


ensure that Bluetooth is not encluded on "battery optimisation" in phone


switch off and on the Bluetooth 


buds have 12 months warranty 


please contact Samsung Support to arrange repair if persists 


thanks ☺



Have already cleaned them 

Also tried that closing them for 15secs

Also tried unpairing and repairing it and also tried resetting the them

There's a update for the Galaxy buds but one earbud is not connecting can't update them

The battery optimization is off for Bluetooth

Also have tried turning off Bluetooth turning it back on still doesn't fix it

And how do switch off the earbuds on and off?

How does the 12month warranty work could link if there's somewhere that explains it? 


Hi Shah02,


Please find the link below detailing information on your Galaxy Buds warranty

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