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Podcasts on Galaxy Watch 3


Hi, I'm a proud owner of a Galaxy Watch 3 and a S20.

I've googled around and searched here but can't find an answer to a basic question. ie. How to listen easily to podcasts on the watch, syncing with the phone etc.. 


What's the best app? And easiest way to get the podcasts available while away from the phone.


I found someone mentioned google podcast but that doesn't work. I use Player FM which I really like, but when changing the download location, I still can't find the files to push to the watch in the wearbables app.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Yes, the same here. I want to run outside only carrying my watch, paired with BT earphones, but I just can't with the Galaxy Watch 3. I used to do that easily and effortless on my Apple Watch. Samsung is promoting the "Galaxy Ecosystem" but it is just so broken... that's frustrating.


In order to not rely on 3pp software (like Google Podcasts or Spotify - which both just don't work for the purpose of listening to podcasts using only the watch) they should just launch a Podcast platform, like Apple and really starting creating an ecosystem.


Poddy works ok but just want to listen to a podcast through my phone, go out without it and just pick up where I left off on my watch. 
Doesn't seem like rocket science...


Does poddy works fine on the Watch then? I mean, can I listen to podcasts on my watch, without being with my phone and the new episodes from my podcasts would automatically download to the watch as well? That's important to... and yes, of course, doesn't seem like rocket science... Samsung should look into these "small details" if they really want to compete with others.


yes, works independently of the phone.. Auto download feature is there but doesn't work for me. I've actually parked my watch for a while as I'm so disappointed with the lack of this feature.
I think it costs a little but may work good enough for you. 
Also when I chatted with Samsung support, they didn't even understand what the issue was which I found astounding! I explained about five different ways but it was like banging my head against a wall.


Samsung Customer Support never really helped anything I needed. It's a shame and it's frustrating.

Back to the Poddy App, I just downloaded it to my Phone (the app looks great on the phone) and then started to understand there was no integration between the Phone App and the Watch App... ok, I purchased the Tizen Watch App and, what the hell, they are not synced at all. Annoying but I will give it some more time...


Thanks anyway for your suggestion, better to have something than nothing.

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