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Jumping rope workout on phone but not on watch

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Hello, the jumping rope workout is available on the s health app on the phone but not available in the list of workouts on the samsung galaxy watch active. Can this be added on the watch so that we can be able to start the workout directly on the watch and therefore track heart rate data.

I want that as well. All other brands have. Why not in Samsung?
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Thank you for this post, good insight.


Apple watch already managed to track jump rope. 

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Hi there!!!
I've been trying to find an answer to this for a month now. I jump rope as well and is ridiculous that it's not on the phone but only on the app. How does it calculate my calories burned when I use the app? Counts my heart rate??? They have all these silly exercises in it.... Come on Samsung....disappointing....

I tried using "other workout" on the watch while I jump rope.


I jumped for 3,000 times within 30 mins and the calories burnt is 150 calories....(typically more then 500 at least) better off using online calculator then wearing the watch.


I agree with you. The app on the phone does not detect when you stop. And it should take on account the heart beat. Not useful  

Samsung hear us and add it to the watch...please

We are your users. Ask as what is good and usefull. Because some of theme are not.

All the best.


This is very disapointing...


Hey guys.


I am working as a senior software engineer for a big finance company.


Totally agree with the frustration for not having skipping rope feature as this is one of the most valuable, often cardio exercises.


Believe me that the whole argument the developers dont want to add it is a lie.


The people that decide what is gonna be added to a software are definitely not the developers regarding features.


Project  managers together with business analysts check the trends and what the users need and make appropriate choices.


This is completely weird and totally wrong from samsung marketing.


A lot of people and me included will not tolerate paying more that 150 pounds to get a fitness/smart watch that doesn't provide the basics

That is such a shame.

Do we have to carry the phone while skipping rope? Wow interesting 🤔

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