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Improve GPS accuracy for watch 7

(Topic created on: 21-06-2024 10:59 AM)
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I recently move to the Galaxy watch 6 and was appalled by the poor GPS accuracy, even in open space/field.
I am keen on the next "watch ultra" but the GPS and support for.galileo etc should be on the top feature to fix...
I come.from the excellent Garmin watch and the cost of the ultra will be close to a Garmin Epix or fenix ... which are very accurate...
If you're experiencing poor GPS accuracy with your Galaxy Watch 6 and are considering upgrading to a future model like a "watch ultra," here are some points to consider and potential actions you can take:

1. **Current Troubleshooting**:
- **Ensure Location Services**: Make sure that Location/GPS services are enabled on your Galaxy Watch 6 and that it has a clear line of sight to the sky.
- **Update Firmware**: Ensure your watch's firmware is up to date as updates often include improvements to GPS accuracy.
- **Check App Settings**: If using fitness or navigation apps, ensure they have necessary permissions and settings configured for GPS.

2. **Comparison with Garmin Watches**:
- Garmin watches like the Epix and Fenix are renowned for their accuracy, especially in challenging environments. They often include support for multiple satellite systems (like Galileo and GLONASS) which can enhance accuracy, especially in areas with obstructed views.
- If GPS accuracy is critical for your activities (such as running, hiking, or outdoor sports), Garmin watches are often preferred due to their reliable performance in various conditions.

3. **Future Samsung Watches**:
- Samsung may address GPS accuracy in future models like a "watch ultra." As you mentioned, support for additional satellite systems like Galileo could significantly improve accuracy.
- Keep an eye on reviews and specifications when new Samsung models are released to see if GPS accuracy and features meet your expectations.

4. **Considerations Before Upgrading**:
- Assess your current needs and whether the Galaxy Watch 6 meets them aside from GPS accuracy. Samsung watches often excel in other areas like display quality, design, and integration with Samsung ecosystem.

5. **Alternative Solutions**:
- If GPS accuracy is non-negotiable and you find Samsung's current offerings lacking, you may consider sticking with or switching to a Garmin watch that meets your accuracy requirements.

If you decide to wait for the next Samsung model or consider a Garmin watch, ensure to research thoroughly to match your specific needs for GPS accuracy and overall functionality.
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Thanks. I had a Garmin Venu 2 plus which had very good gps (multi gps) and hr sensor...
I will see what the ultra has to offer but hopefully gps will be improved. I will wait for DC rainmaker and Desfit youtube reviews as they are both very detailed in their test and reviews...
Garmin are way ahead on fitness, hopefully Samsung will catch up a little bit with the ultra?