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How well does LTE functions plus bluetooth headphones actually work?

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I wanna get a GW or possibly an Active 2 LTE so that I can go for runs, leave my phone at home but still get notifications, use bt headphones (thinking of getting a pair of galaxy buds) with spotify plus as just a safety thing where I'll be able to call emergency services if I have to. Now they can do all this just fine in theory but how well does it actually work? If you have the LTE up and running with your carrier - do you use the GW in this way? Do you find yourself still bringing your phone on runs and workouts or do leave it at home? As a pure music device, does it work well?

The LTE models seem like amazing devices for this in theory but I just wanna hear some views on it, especially now after a few updates. Also looking to see if possible improvments in these areas might be worth it to invest in the Active 2.

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