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How do you sync sleep data across multiple Samsung wearables from Galaxy Fit to Galaxy Watch?

(Topic created on: 09-04-2024 06:06 AM)
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I use a Galaxy Fit 3 at night for for sleep and Galaxy Watch during the day for everything else. The sleep data on the Fit syncs to Samsung Health on my phone but that data doesn't sync back to my Galaxy Watch.

How do I enable the data from Samsung Health to 2-way sync back to my watch?

I have the same issue with my smart scale. Data (weight, body fat %) data goes from the scale to Samsung Health. But I can't get this data to sync back to my Watch 6.

Oddly, step/daily activity/and calories burn data syncs across devices. But not sleep and weight data. Thanks.

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I'm just tired out of this issue too.

the main purpose on getting the fit 3 for sports and sleep was yo have a comfortable setup for every time of the day, its really good having the band for sports, but Sleep Data not being Synced its just an unnecessary restriction.

the mere calculation can be made on the phone app or even on the cloud if that's the restriction holding this back.

it does take quite a looonnggg time to give you a score anyways, i was planning on pulling the trigger on the Ring as soon as they released it, but if this is going to be the behavior of the data, I'm probably just skipping and going for a whoop.