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Gear S3 watch app missing

(Topic created on: 14-02-2023 09:03 PM)
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Hello, I have a Galaxy watch 3 and I was changing my phone from the Galaxy Flip 4 to the Galaxy S23, and when I went to setup my watch on the new phone, the watch faces I had previously didn't transfer over even though I backed up my watch.  I looked for the watch face on the Galaxy Store and it doesn't come up anywhere. Is that because the app is no longer available? Is there a way I could transfer the app from my old phone to the new phone?


Answer: I was able to figure out that I had used the incorrect email address to login to the Galaxy Store and once I did, the watch face that I was missing was populated!  I'm so happy I have it back now! But I realize if I ever change from my G3 to a G4 or G5 I will lose this favorite watch face.  How do I tell the developer to create it in the next Galaxy watches?