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Galaxy Watch Stops Recording work out part way through


So this is really annoying now.  For months the watch has been fine but a couple of weeks ago now I got half way through a run and the watch stopped recording.  I use the watches work out app, select running (basic work out) and press start.  It records for about 10 minutes and then stops.   So a couple of days ago I set the screen to stary on during the run and it was fine for one run.  I ran again today and again it stoped after about 2km; no record of the run at all.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was having this same issue and I believe it's now resolved. If you toggle to a workout, tap the the dots to the right of the workout, turn the bezel until you see "auto pause ", and turn that off. I tested this up to a minute, because my workouts were stopping in less than a minute. It appears to have worked. I'll know for sure when I do my next workout. Fingers crossed. 

I can confirm that the issue is solved now since I've done the following as I described in my earlier post here:


I removed Some Watch Interfaces; Further I didn't change any setting on the phone.


So my settings still are: 

> Auto workout detection is turned on.

> Auto-pause is turned on.

> Sometimes I wait on the GPS and Heart rate; By the hiking "training" I don't do that.


So which Watch Interface(s) really triggered the issue on my phone, I didn't figure out (yet).  

So it would seem we have a breakthrough, thanks to numerous hints, tips & fixes from this community. I went out for a 10k run last night and my watch tracked everything AND it played music through bluetooth connected headphones so it certainly got its own thorough workout👍🏼😎

Before I went out I followed @Alex19821  advice but instead of turning on 'screen always on' in battery settings (I'd forget to turn it back off) I adjusted it in the Samsung Health 'Exercise' widget and there's no need to remember turning it off because 'screen always on' is only 'On' for the duration of said run. I was using the Samsung Health 'Multi Workout' widget previously.

Within the Exercise widget all the aforementioned tweaks can be performed for Screen On, Auto Pause etc. I had Screen On, On, Auto Pause Off and Auto Detect Off.

For those who had aftermarket watchfaces I cant confirm or deny if these cause the issues I'm afraid because I've stuck with the original Black, White and Red out the box watchface but I would assume they're not the issue. The issue seems to point to Auto Pause and/or Screen Always On being Off.

I hope more of you on here can follow these tips because they certainly made a difference to my run so it will be interesting to see how you all get on.

Happy Running/Cycling/Walking 🤞🏻

Thanks for the tip, Neil!

I just finished a 15 mile ride with no issues using your tips. Here is a sample of my settings.

The only settings that matter are within the Samsung Health app on the watch, not the ones on your phone.


On the watch Samsung Health app:

Auto-Detect: OFF for Cycling (ON for Walking/Running)


When starting a workout under the "..." menu:

Auto-Pause: OFF

Screen Always On: ON


Tracked for about an hour and a half with no issues. I was running Strava for tracking on my phone just in case but didn't need to save what it recorded! Very happy to have a complete ride tracked with HR.


I have the same problem.  My watch doesn't even give me an error message.  It just stops the workout tracking and goes back to my watchface.  My Gear S3 Frontier started doing the same thing when it was about 2 years old.  I got the Galaxy watch for Christmas and it's been doing it on and off since I got it.  I had to turn off the workout autodetect because once I was walking and after about 1/2 mile it detected I was doing elliptical training!  What?!  Also at the end of a ten mile walk it all of a sudden said I walked 62 miles.  I'm not the Flash!  Please fix this or I'll have to give up on Samsung watches which would be too bad because I love my Samsung phones (I have a Note 10).

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Is anyone at Samsung looking into this? It shouldn't be the responsibilty of the community to try and fix this. I have had the same problems as everyone else with my workouts not tracking during use. This has only been an issue in the past 3 weeks or so. I have tried changing the settings but nothing has worked. Just today I tried a manual run and the app crashed less than 60 seconds into my run. This is incredibly frustrating as the main reason I got this watch was tracking my runs. If this isnt fixed soon then I will be looking at other brands of watches like other people. 

Same story as everyone else here - in fact this thread has at least made me feel better that I'm not alone! Keeps stopping recording when I'm walking or doing workouts. Worked absolutely fine til about 4 weeks ago and driving me nuts since then. Hope there's a fix coming...

As Grace once said "You're not Alone" 😁. If you try the hints and tips in mine or other Users previous posts there are workarounds and seem to be working ok so far for me. One thing I have noticed is once you adjust the workout settings the first workout(s) after doing so will crash but then after that crash they dont. I've not had a crash in over a week now.

Not 100% fixed, there's obviously a bug that Samsung are now aware of and should be looking in to it but I recommend trying the adjustments mentioned (in earlier posts).

Thanks! Last night I adjusted the screen to always on during workouts and it didn't crash in my morning HIIT workout. But the big test is the evening lockdown walk, where it's been a total pain. So fingers crossed for this evening...

Hi Helen

I have had 100% successful tracking since starting the exercise only after detecting location and/or heart rate so worth bearing that in mind. I.e. wait for the flashing icons to stop flashing.

Good luck!

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