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Galaxy watch SM-R800 battery drain

(Topic created on: 17-09-2020 04:29 PM)
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My wife and I both have the SM-R800 watch, and our watches used to last over 2 days on a single charge, possibly longer, but we charge regularly. Recently, possibly since the last update, our watches will die within an hour or two or sometimes 4 or 5 hours. It's kind of random. Even if i disable location and wifi, there is no change. If I go to settings and then battery on my watch it still says it should last 1d 15h 50m, but it'll die in a few hours, randomly.  I'll look at my watch and it'll say 90+% and 30 min later it's completely dead and powered off. No new apps have been added to the watch since before this started, no settings were changed to cause this. This same behavior happens on both our watches which are the same, and both were bought around the same time. They are both less than 2 years old at this point. Help or an update to fix would be nice as this problem is rendering our watches useless, and we love our watches.

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UPDATE - after trying every "fixes" I could find online to no avail, I sent the watch to get a new battery installed. The watch is now back, and still NOT working for longer than 12-13 hours.

This is not good enough.