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Galaxy Watch not counting burned calories accurately

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Just bouthg this watch yesterday and was pretty pumped to get it. Now, only 24 hours in, the calorie counter is laughably inaccurate. The calorie burned counter is so far off it's not even close to releastic. It was saying I burned 1700 calories from making dinner and watching TV for 3 hours.


My profile information is accurate and I think everythig is set up correctly. Can I please get some help in resoling this issue? Part of the reason I bought this watch is for the fitness tracking element.


I cannot answer that.  I don't own that watch.  I was looking at replacing my broken Polar m430, which is a very accurate GPS-Sleep monitor-heart rate monitor, and syncs with my phone, with this Samsung watch and was reading all of this communities problems with it.  So I think I am going to stick with Polar watches as I get them at cost since I am in the fitness industry.  Good luck with your watch.  If you want a Polar let me know within the next few days and I can order you one when I order mine.


I think it's assumed you are asleep. When resting or asleep we use about 70-100 calories per hour. My issue is that if I use the health app it will record about 130 calories on a half hour walk but if I'm not using the app, just wearing the watch it will only record about 5 calories when I'm busy at home. 

That's because your body burns calories even when you're resting so your watch is using your details to calculate resting calories even when you're not wearing it.

Whilst asleep or at rest, the body burns about 70kcal an hour, the samsung only records about half of this. When walking, the body burns about 1kcal per 30 steps, once again the samsung records well under half of these. If you record food intake, the samsung app records call intake accurately. For this reason the accuracy of the samsung app in advising your overall calorie balance cannot be trusted. 

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I've had the Samsung Galaxy watch for over a year and a few days ago went to get the Samsung Galaxy  Active 2 watch. To my disappointment both watches are doing the same thing. Samsung appears to have preset metrics for workouts no matter how much or less energy you're exerting. I put both watches on yesterday and performed a yoga workout. At end of workout both watches read the exact same burned calories despite the heart rates showing totally different on both watches. If I am showing a more vigorous workout on one, why would they end up being the same calories burned. Also i tested it with the weight machines exercise. Working out for 30 mins shows 367 calories on both watches and has been this way on my older watch each time, no matter how hard or light  my workout is. This is unacceptable for watches costing $300-400, I am returning the Active 2 today

I'm wondering if it's still the case on GW3. But I think I know the answer.
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I have a similar issue.


Mine counts the exact same amount of calories burnt, whether I'm doing cardio, heavy deadlifts or sat on my ***** for 30 mins.


Its 305cal exactly every 30 mins. 


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I'm getting the same on my gear sports. I've just gone for a 10 minute run and it said I've burnt over 600 calorie usually around 100 or less. in total it says I've burnt 1800 calories meaning I burnt 1200 sleeping
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