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Galaxy Watch not counting burned calories accurately

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Just bouthg this watch yesterday and was pretty pumped to get it. Now, only 24 hours in, the calorie counter is laughably inaccurate. The calorie burned counter is so far off it's not even close to releastic. It was saying I burned 1700 calories from making dinner and watching TV for 3 hours.


My profile information is accurate and I think everythig is set up correctly. Can I please get some help in resoling this issue? Part of the reason I bought this watch is for the fitness tracking element.

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I've had the watch for a month and it was working great.. 2 days ago it said I burned 1680 calories for the day. Then yesterday it says I burned over 10,000. Its 11:40 am now and it says I've burned almost 4000 so far. I have no clue how to fix it. 

mine has a similar issue.

Before my galaxy watch i had a gear sport and never had an issue. so im pretty sure i know how the health app works and what to expect from it on a daily basis ( Im saying this before people jump on and try to tell me its "normal" or its just "counting the calories that keep you alive from day to day" )


So yesterday (16/6/19) lazy day for me, looked at my weight managment calories at about 10am and as expected it was around 300-400 kcal OVER (perfectly normal in my experience).


Then roughly an hour later i looked again and was shocked to see it was reporting i was 1100kcal ish UNDER. so in under an hour it had somehow picked up on a 1300kcal activity ( no idea where it got this from). 


so i added a ficticious 1300kcal meal to my breakfast to bring the calorie count back into line, all was ok until about 8pm when it did it again, roughly the same amount added to my burned kcal from thin air.


Same again this morning 1300kcal burned from nowhere.


very dissapointed with this product so far, even more so because i got the LTE version and im tied to a contract with it!!


Do i have a defective watch?

is it simply a firmware issue?

Do samsung intend to release a fix?

Did you resolve this issue?? I'm now having this issue. Difference is that I wake up in the morning and I have already burned 100s of calories with no step's taken.

my Samsung gear s3 is on charge at night,  and in the morning when i wake up it has calories on, each morning it is a different count, how do i fix this? I have reset it multiple times,  loged all my info again, but still have calories on, please help.


I have similar problem. My Samsung fite counts to few calories burnt. Previously I had a fitbit Alta which was quite accurate. This counts very few calories burnt, and then tells me I am 1400 calories over in my eating. If I cut eating enough to match its measured intake I'd end up barely eating anything and dissappear! 

A body will burn 80-180 calories during rest.  So you should have 100s of calories burned after sleep.

No. I even stop wearing my watch. I don't wear my watch to sleep. So before I even put it on, it tells me I have burned calories.

Let me know if you learn how to fix. It I'm having the same issue. Even stopped wearing my watch. So disencouraging.

I don't wear my watch to sleep. Any other ideas why it might be counting calories before even putting on the watch?

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