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Galaxy Watch LTE - Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch - not available in USA?

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Bummed as this was a big reason I purchased this watch !


i just received a Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE 

Samsung SM-R805UZSAXAR Galaxy Watch Smartwatch 46mm Stainless Steel LTE GSM 

I own an LG V20 Smartphone used as my "host' for the Galaxy Wearable app  - used to manage my Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE  . I'm in the USA  - I'm on AT&T for my LG V20, but have not enabled the Galaxy Watch LTE connection yet. 

My issue is I see no available installation link for the official 

Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch application *.tpk install

I see it here - and its current as of June 18, 2019  - version 4.0.40 (2019.06.18)

Question? - Why is this important Samsung Web Browser for Galaxy Watch application NOT available to me using  my Galaxy Wearable app (Version 2.2.24 19031361) or available within the app store built into the watch.

I'm connected to Wi-Fi  for all devicesSamsung_internet.PNG

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More evidence of the existence of the "Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch"  - from a year ago

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Yes - but Sadly here in USA - that Samsung WBROWSER is NOT available  in the "Galaxy Store"

And there is no functional ability to install  "Samsung WBROWSER" on Galaxy Watch from your URL Link

or show me how to install ?

Here are the Internet Browsers available in USA at the Galaxy Store link from the "Samsung Wearable" app



This application is available on a Galaxy Store install device.

Connecting Galaxy Watch, Gear or Fit is required.

To install, type this URL on your Samsung device:"

Sadly this Application is not available in the USA GALAXY STORE

I should point out I'm using an LG V20 Android phone with Android 8.0 

 - I'm installing Samsung Internet Browser for Android on the LG V20 - then hopefully the Galaxyt Watch URL may work for installation on my connected watch  - but search for this app on the watch "Galaxy Store" or the Samsung Wearable application for android  and link to "Galaxy Store" yeilds no results  


2 weeks later - and zero answers from Samsung Support, and zero resolution for why the Samsung Galaxy Store for  Galaxy  Watch in USA does not provide ability for USA Owners to install the  missing  "Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch " application

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