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Galaxy Watch Heart Rate Sensor Cover Is Loose And I Feel It Might Fall Off..!

(Topic created on: 10-06-2020 11:30 PM)

Hello All,

I bought a Samsung 'Galaxy Watch 46mm' on 5th November 2019. It is undoubtably a fantastic device and I am very pleased with it.

I must confess that I am ashamed at myself for not taking the time to make any mention of the purchase until now that I have encountered an issue (I am sorry Samsung).

Unfortunately, the heart rate sensor cover has somehow become loose and I fear that it might soon work loose enough to fall off.

I carried out some online research and discovered that this seems to be an ongoing issue with the 'Galaxy Watch'.

link to Samsung Comminity US. or copy and paste:


Though it is a waterproof device, please note that I have taken great care to never allow it to come into contact with any form of moisture except natural evaporation from my wrist.


I am a great fan of Samsung and own a huge range of Samsung products, including phones from the 'Galaxy S5' right up to the 'Note 10 Plus', without issues. I hope that someone at Samsung will help me sort this minor, but significant issue.

Alternatively, can anyone please suggest a constructive course of action?


Thank you in advance...!



Did you have any luck resolving this?


Alas, no.!
In fact, you are the first (and only) response to my query.

Fortunately, it has neither fallen off nor has there been any consequent issues.

I handle the watch with great care anyway, so that has probably helped.

Apart from the loose cover issue, the watch has been absolutely brilliant and I am very pleased with it.

Are you having issues with your's, or are you considering buying one?

Thank you for taking an interest.
Be blessed and stay safe.

That is a shame.

My wife has a Galaxy Watch Active2 and the sensor cover separated from the body of the watch the other day.

Unfortunately it is 15 months old so outside warranty.

I have a Galaxy Watch 46mm which I love and I haven't had the same issue yet.

Ironically my wife is meticulous with hers, it never endures any stress or moisture and she takes good care of it.

I on the other hand wear mine everywhere including the gym and I even play squash and badminton with it on.

With regards to the Active2 the loose back hasn't caused any function issues yet but I have sought advice from Samsung and might have to "bite the bullet" and pay for a repair unless I can find a sensible DIY soliton.


Sorry to hear about the issues.

I own the Galaxy Watch 46mm.

I was quite horrified when mine occurred.
To be fair, I may have been to blame because I was giving it a clean and was perhaps a little too meticulous with the cleaning around the cover. The adhesive looked like dirt and I could not figure how it got there.
It is only when the cover began to move that I realised I had been attempting to remove the glue. I had expected the cover to be 'bonded on' rather than attached with what seems to be a non-setting glue.
I now clean the cover area with extra care.

I found a DIY solution for both the Galaxy Watch and the Watch Active 2 if you are up to the challenge.

If the cover on mine drops off altogether, I will first obain a replacement cover and reattach it.
If that does not suffice, I will replace the complete back as this appears to be a much more effective solution.
A complete replacement back can be obtained for around £28 when I last checked.

With the Galaxy Watch, the sensor cover alone, or the complete back can be replaced. The only option I came across for the Active 2 is to replace the complete back. I did not really look into that because I was focused on the Galaxy Watch.

I will dig out links for instructions. Meanwhile, Google it and you will find enough information for a DIY solution.

I hope I do not get into any trouble for posting this. Lol..!

Hi Regnarts.

Many thanks for the comprehensive response and sound information.

I will look into the possibility of replacing the whole back of the Active2 as that sounds like a strong possibility.

I hope you don't get any criticism for offering your advice, that is what these forums are for?


You are absolutely welcome.. 🙂


Did you manage to dig out a link to the DIY solution that you referred to?

Our Active2 has been with Samsung and returned unrepaired with the quote 

"Unfortunately, due to Device Lock, we are unable to offer you a warranty repair on this occasion".

Apparently this device lock is something set under "find my phone" although we have never created one?

I would appreciate any advice you can offer?




Hello Algie42,

Oh, sorry.
I did not realise that you were waiting for the link from me.
I have been wondering how you had gotten on.

I did actually manage to find the information and links.
If you let me know the model details, SM-R830/R835 (40mm) or Sm-R820/R825 (44mm). The 5 in both numbers is the LTE variant. The 0 is the Bluetooth (non-LTE ) variant.

I have included a link for a teardown for the Galaxy Watch 3.

You need only look at removing the back, then swop it for the new replacement if you buy a complete back from;

For 44mm Watch:


For 40mm Watch:

I would recommend buying a complete back.
If you however, opt to buy just the shell, you will obviously need to transfer the components from the existing back to the new one.
Just be careful to note what goes where by taking notes, photos, or both.

The procedure for removing the back on the Galaxy Watch Active2 should be almost identical to that of the Watch3 shown in the link. This part is very similar across the Watch variants.
Just be sure to watch out for the flat cable linking the back to the main board on the body.

The gasket tends to tear, and though the new back has a new gasket attached, do still be careful removing the back.

The whole thing is a delicate procedure, therefore there is always the risk of damaging the watch.
Nevertheless, as long as you exercise great care and patience, you should easily accomplish the replacement.

You obviously need the necessary tools to do the repair. If you do not already have these, the site sells what you need, so you can include them in your purchase.

Finally, consider, of course whether this avenue is worth it for YOU, before going ahead.
Personally, I will go ahead with it because I love repairing things and anyway, apart from buying a new watch, what other alternative is there?

Regarding the response you got from Samsung, I have no idea what they mean by a device lock.
If it is a security lock, it is understandable that they will not bypass the lock for you. If they were to do that, it would defeat the object of having the security lock feature.
Having said that, it should be a simple matter of instructing you to remove the lock, then they can proceed with the repair under warranty.

As you currently have the watch with you, It is worth you checking to make sure a lock has not been set, then see what they say.

I would imagine that the non-warranty repair bill would probably be enough to buy a new watch, just in case the watch was acquired "hot".

I also did wonder if the lock they mentioned is similar to a regional lock, particularly with the LTE variants, but I am not at all sure that the watches are region-locked, nor have I had any reason to consider or check.

I hope all this helps.
I look forward to your response.



Many thanks for the comprehensive notes and links, you are a star.

I am still waiting to conclude my rather protracted debate with Samsung at the moment.

I am trying to convince them that my wife, who is a retired Cardiac Nurse, did nothing that should cause the cover on the back of her watch to fall off as it did.

I am still hopeful of convincing them to repair it under warranty.

If all should fail you have furnished me with all I need to carry out the repair at home. My son is an electronic and communications engineering graduate so should be more than up to the task.

Once again, many thanks for your input.