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Galaxy Watch Active 2: Strava activities being cancelled

(Topic created on: 01-11-2020 12:41 PM)
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This week I started using the Strava app on my Galaxy Active 2 to log my walks.  The problem is that 4 out of 6 walks were cancelled at some point without confirmation on my part. The first time I don't know what happened, but the second one I noticed it got cancelled after receiving a notification about the steps objective being reached, so I disabled that. Then again yesterday I got a call on Whatsapp while walking and it got cancelled. And just now it happened again.


What's the point of using my watch for that if I can't even finish my activities without it being cancelled? It should simply come back to my Strava activity after the call is over. I thought about disconnecting the bluetooth from my phone, but then I would lose the high acuraccy GPS location (and beside that, I don't want to depend on a workaround to have my activities logged, neither lose the notifications feature that I use a lot while walking to see msgs without taking my phone from my pocket).


I really think this is a big problem. One of the reasons I've bought the watch was to log my activities, and I don't wanna use Samsung Health for that. I've just moved from a Galaxy to and iPhone and I was really disappointed that my Health data couldn't be transfered, so I want to use third party apps that allows me to change platforms without losing all my historical data.


This is the scenario when it's happening:
My model is the Galaxy Active 2 44mm. I have my AOD enabled. I start manually an activity on Strava. After a few minutes, the Samsung Health app starts logging the activity automatically. My watch is connected to my iPhone 12 Pro with the latest iOS version. When I receive a notification other than the apps default ones (for example, when I reach my steps goal and that animation kicks in), or when I receive a call, both Strava and Samsung Health stops logging my activity. In Samsung Health it's saved, but on Strava it's lost.