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Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G

(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 09:25 PM)

I purchased the Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE after recovering from a Heart Attack and wanted the reltive reassurance of ECG and Fall Detection. It complements my Note 10+ and looks good on the wrist. However, the watch consistently overheats when being used for exercise, resulting in an automatic shut-down of the watch and loss of your running / exericise data.


I have returned the watch to Samsung on 3 seperate occasions for repair and yet the problem still exists. There are in excess of 70 pages of similar complaints on the Samsung User Forums, yet Samsung refuse to accept that there is an issue.


Having had the watch for 11 months, in which it has spent a month in various states of repair and still overheating, not to mention that the much fanfared ECG and Fall Protection has still not appeared mean that I have reached the end of my tether with Samsung.


Have discussed with Customer Solutions (who have no solutions and should seriously change their Job Title) I am considering giving up on the sorry Samsung experience.  Has anybody else had similar issues?



I have had the watch for 5 days now and I keep running into the same problems everyone else is having.  One person said that the issue seems to be when the watch is not connected to the phone and the 4g signal is low. The watch tries to boost the signal which overheats and drains the battery. While that makes perfect sense,  I have had the overheating happen when I was within a 500ft of the cell tower and had full bars. I could see the cell tower and it was one operated by the cell carrier I have. 

I am returning the watch tomorrow.