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Galaxy watch 4 not showing the current speed/pace correctly

(Topic created on: 29-08-2022 05:48 AM)
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Dear All, 

During running, my Galaxy Watch4 is not showing the current speed and pace correctly. It usually shows higher speed. For example, it miht show that I am running with 8 to 8.5 kmph speed throughout the exercise, when actually I am a lot slower. Interesting is that the Average speed is always correct. So, at the end of the exercise above, when throughout the exercise it shows my current speed 8-8,5km/h, the average speed will be 7km/h only. This totally disrupts the meaning of the running exercise where I have to control the current speed for different laps. 

I had GW3 previously and until the last firmware update, it was showing perfectly correct current speed. I changed it to GW4, in a hope that this is solved in the newer watch, but I see that the problem is still here. I guess that this is a software error, as it is present in both watches. 

Has anyone the same error? Maybe some solutions? 

Thank you for your attention!

Kind regards!