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Galaxy Smartwatch automatically reports swimming exersise during nicht



since a couple of weeks my Galaxy Smart Watch records swimming exersises during night and sends them to my Samsung A5 device. The watch is in flight mode lying on my desk and I am pretty sure that I don't go swimming during the night :thinking-face:


Anybody experiencing this as well?



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I have same issue. Wisited already twice Samsung repair center. First time they reloaded firmware... it did not help. Now they told me that's hardware issue and they have to replace motherboard in the watch. I've left it with them for this replacement. Hopefully it will resolve the issue and I'm lucky that the watch is still in warranty.

Thanks a lot for your immediate reply. Would you mind sending another post with the result after the update?

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I have the same problem since 10 days. (I think since the first time ever I went swimming with the watch on)  It occurs even when I am not wearing the watch (while the wtach is not moving) 


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Same problem, started a few weeks ago.  No problems for first year.  Says auto swimming while sleeping, charging, even driving.  I think this is a software issue, one of those updates messed it up.

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