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Official Link Bracelet Titanium Edition for Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Review

(Topic created on: 09-10-2022 12:45 AM)
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I thought I would share with you my thoughts of the best strap in my opinion for the Galaxy watch5 Pro. Firstly I got a notification from Samsung UK that it was back in stock. I quickly rushed to the website to purchase it and to my surprise it had been reduced from £259 to £181.30 

Titanium bracelet top down

It comes in 2 colours, grey and black so obviously I chose grey to match my grey titanium watch5 Pro and it is stunning 😍 

Firstly I must say that I have large wrists, 8 inches each, so obviously I had to attach the bracelet to the watch which is a breeze, simply press the button under the bracelet nearest the watch body and slide the strap in between the lugs and release the button and its attached. 10 seconds is all it takes and no tools or fingernails required for a change. 

Button to press to attach the bracelet to the watch

Next I had to resize it for my wrist, I chose to remove just one link to give me a comfortable fit when fastened. Again you simply press the button on the underside of the link you want to remove and done. It is honestly the easiest experience I have ever had adjusting a watch strap. 

Single link showing the release button underneath
The bracelet fits perfectly on the watch5 Pro and is very smooth and slinky, it doesn't pull my hairs and has a matte finish which oozes class and style. Fit and finish are spot on and it's obvious this was specifically only made for the Galaxy5 Pro.

Side view
The clasp is a large but perfectly flush with the bracelet, no oversized locking mechanisms on show or ugly logos or branding. 

The clasp

The clasp has a magnet built in which automatically pulls it down into the closing position and one press with my fingertip locks the clasp as confirmed by the satisfying click.

Magnetic clasp

Overall this is my favourite bracelet or strap that I have ever used on a smartwatch. Yes it seems expensive at £181.30 but compared to similar quality titanium bracelets like for example Nomads which costs £260 it is reasonably priced. 

The bracelet fits perfectly
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a Galaxy Watch5 Pro, this looks great with a suit, or smart casual. I personally wouldn't wear this strap in the gym but easy to swap In my silicone strap for the gym and back to the bracelet once finished. 

The bracelet side on

I hope this helped anyone who was interested in buying this and any questions please feel free to ask below. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I will be publishing a lot more Samsung reviews so consider following me so that you don't miss my future written and video reviews.

Tech Zilla 

I really want the black version of this, but it isn't available in the EU, and the UK site does not ship outside of the UK unfortunately. 

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The watch strap is such a big part of the whole look of the watch.
This one definitely makes it look classy
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Thanks so much for this review! There's nothing out there regarding this bracelet at the moment.

Thanks for writing the review I've been wanting to know more about it since I nearly bit the bullet about 3 times, had it in my basket then I bailed. It was when it was at that price (though it was £160ish on my end with my 10% off code) when I was considering it but was a tad put off by the reviews on the Samsung store page and just the fact it's nearly as much as I paid for the watch and I've never been a watch owner (pre smartwatch) so just seemed a bit of a stupid spend.

The button push thing is really cool, why didn't they advertise that on the page? They don't really give much info at all if I remember correctly. Hate fiddly things with my painful fingers. The mechanism on Samsung's regular watch straps require me to use a tool to pull as it's too painful and annoying, though it's my issue not a design fault.

I spent a lot of time searching for cheaper 3rd party ones but couldn't find anything. Might just buy it next time theres a deal on as it really does make it look very nice, much better than any 3rd party ones I've seen, claiming to be titanium or not.
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This is very nice and all but def should have came with the watch...between the watch and the band you are pushing the cost of device to around 800 dollars (usd). Pretty steep IMHO. But nice review and definitely a nice product.