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Galaxy Buds Pro - Touch mapping

(Topic created on: 31-07-2021 11:10 AM)
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Hello, I would really like to remap the touch functions of my Galaxy Buds Pro, but I noticed there is no way to do that right now, except for the anecdotal long press.

I understand the choice to get symmetric controls, for those who only use one ear, but when listening to music, getting previous/next track, up/down volume on separate ears, would be really good.

Here is an example of setup I would use :

1 tap : left = previous/reject call, right = next song/answer call
2 taps : left = sound down, right = sound up
3 taps : left = noise reduction, right = transparent hearing
long tap : left = Google assistant, right = play/pause

I'm actually surprised some kind of customization of controls doesn't exist yet.

Should I contact the dev team? How?