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Galaxy buds microphone noise suppression issue

(Topic created on: 14-08-2019 09:45 AM)
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So I recently bought a pair of galaxy buds and have had intermittent issues with the microphone from the start. Intermittent in the sense that in some calls (S9+ and buds) the person on the other end has complained that it was either difficult or impossible to hear me; that my voice was cutting out or sounded muffled and/or severe tin can sound. In other calls my voice was coming through perfectly. Very easy pattern to follow though. Indoors my voice was coming across perfectly but outdoors microphone quality dropped drastically. My guess at this point is that the issue is the culprit is the microphone noise suppression / adaptive dual microphone that is processing the sound picked up by the microphone(s) poorly.


What I've found after doing some testing is that basically any low frequency background noise (e.g. car tires on asphalt nearby...further away than sidewalk and low enought to not require you to raise the voice in order to have a conversation walking/sitting next to you) makes my voice appear muffled on a call. Moving closer (e.g. to sidewalk next to cars) makes the voice appear as through a tin can. 

The voice cutting out for a syllable every 2nd or 3rd words is also frequent in outdoor settings without excessive background noise and while easy to reproduce I haven't found a particular type of background noice that triggers it.


Things I have tried:

- updated to latest software/firmware

- change bud tips (size) to achieve a different fit

- rotating buds in ear for different microphone positions


I can't find any setting in the wearables app relating to the microphone.